Japan Halal Unit Association (JHUA) is a Halal certification body (CB) based in Fukuoka, Japan. With our team of expert shariah & technical auditors, led by our board of directors and management team, we conduct independent 3rd party audit on Japanese organizations seeking to gain JHUA Halal certification mark for their products and services. Our organization conducts audit and certification activities based on JHUA Manual of Procedures for Japan Halal (MPJHC) Certification and JHUA Japan Halal Standards that we developed and modified based on “Malaysian Halal Standards” and “JAKIM and MUI Halal Assurance Management System”

JHUA also conducts training activities and conduct seminars in order to disseminate and promote correct knowledge and understanding of the concept of Halal & Thoyyiban, Halal Certification and basic knowledge of Islam. Through these activities and interaction with the local Muslim and non-Muslim community in JAPAN, JHUA intends to contribute to peace and friendship within the local and international community, facilitate Japanese companies to provide the Muslim ummah with new and exciting choices of goods and services that have not been made available to them before, and allow the Japanese economy access to a new economic driver that has not been fully explored.

We aim to support both member and non-member Islamic centers & mosques to help contribute to their needs in conducting their dakwah activities. We aim to selectively fund youth Islamic education & mentoring programs and to provide limited financial support to approved community projects such as contributions for building or restoration of Mosques, Islamic Schools & welfare needs of the Islamic Community in Japan.


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